Bimah's Story

The lodge of Bimah is run by Oman Trekking Guides, local tour operator specualized in outdoor trips (hiking, canyoning, climbing) in Oman.

People worjing in our company come from different countries and cultures : omanis, french, swiss, yemenites, austrians, erythreans, et nepalis

The idea of this lodge came step by step : from 2010 to 2014, we've rented this place (at the beginning it was mostly ruins...) per night just to make our camps in Wadi Bani Awf a bit more comfortable (water, toilets, shower, and 2 rooms in case of rain). With the money we were paying the owner of the place made some renovation works (new rooms, aurrounding wall, areesh, new bathrooms).

During these years, we also did several treks in Nepal (Langtang-Helambu, Anapurna Base Camp, Manaslu Circuit) and we enjoyed a lot nepali lodges, which are vey rustic, but very cozy and delightfull.

Since Summer 2014, we've taken the management of Bimah and we try to make it a mountain hut in the spirit of thes nepali lodges, with our own sensivity, and of course keeping the omani soul of the place!

Oman Trekking Guides

Our Concept

We want Bimah to remain rustic : this lodge is designed for montaineers and persons who like conviviality, simplicity, and Nature ; it is not to become a hotel...

For leisure and comfort layouts, we try as much as possible to use natural materials and to do by ourselves.

For the scenery, we prefer plants, trees, and traditional crafts.

We also want to restore the farming roots of this hamlet : plant abandonned terraces, raise goats, enlarge the vegetable garden, etc...

Our concept also applies to foos which we want frsh, rustic, and of good quality. We cook omani food, but also dishes of european, african, indian, and nepali background.