Many outdoor activities are possible from the lodge or in the vincinity :

- Canyoning :

Bait Bimah is located at the lower entrance of the Snake Canyon. You can start walking from the lodge if you want to do the "short descent". The upper entrance is only 10 minutes drive from Bimah.

The Snake Canyon is a wonderful canyon. You can do the "short descent" starting from the lower entrance, which is quite easy but still requires to be able to swim and a good physical condition.

From the upper entrance, you can do the "long descent" which is not very difficult, but longer and requires 2 times abseiling.

We can organize this canyoning descent for you (guide, equipment, water, snacks, and transportation), but you have to book in advance.

Short Descent :

Price per person : 25 OMR

Min. 2 pers. / Max. 10 pers.

Long Descent :

Price per person : 35 OMR

Min. 2 pers. / Max. 8 pers.

- Hiking :

Many hikes are possible from the lodge or in the neighbourhoods. Here are some of them :

Bimah – Balad Sit :

A great hike starting from the mountain hut : we hike up the wadi to reach the nice village of salma and its palm gardens. Then we head to a narrow pass to access the next valley. We walk down to the village of Balad Sit. Here we have 2 options : we can walk down through the so-called "Gorgette" (a narrow gorge) to reach the main road, or hike to Hat through another pass.

We can organize this hike for you (guide, lunch, transportation) if you book in advance.

* Height difference : + 600m, - 500m finishing at the "Gorgette" OR +900m, -600m if you go on to Hat

* Walking time : 4/5h finishing at the "Gorgette" OU 6/7h if you go on to Hat

* Unmarked path

* Price per person : 30 OMR

* Min. 2 persons / Max. 12 persons

Balad Sit – Misfat Al Abreyeen

It's a long hike which takes you from the northern slope to the southern one : the ascent on the northen side from Balad Sit is steep but offers breathtaking views. The descent to Misfat is long but not so steep. Another possibility is to do the hike over 2 days, sleeping in Sharaf Al Alamain (bivouac or Al Hoota Guesthouse)

* Height difference : + 1200m, - 1300m

* Walking time : 8/10h

* Marked path (topo here)

If you want help to organize this hike, please contact

The other northern valleys of the Western Hajar :

o Wadi Sahtan :

A wonderfull valley in the shape of a corrie (with Jebel Shams,3009m, overloooking us) where every smaller valley hosts tiny villages and gardens. There are several hikes to link the villages at the far end of the valley, or to reach the ridge and go on to Jebel Shams (for muntain climbers) or to Sharaf Al Alamain for hikers.

o Wadi Bani Kharus :

Wadi Bani Kharus hosts some villages and palm gardens among the finest of the country. We can have a walk through delightful gardens, hike to remote villages, or even hike to Jebel Akhdar.

o Wadi Mistal :

It is the most eastern valley of the Western Hajar range. As Wadi Sahtan at the western end of the range, Wadi Mistal has the shape of a wide cirque known as "Gubrah Bowl". Hikes are possible between the villages at the end of the valley, or to reach Jebel Akhdar on the ridge.

If you want a guide to hike in these valleys, please contact

- Mountain Biking All the dirty roads arond Bimah are well suited for mountain biking : you can go to Salma, Wadi Sahtan, Wadi Bani Kharus, or Sharaf Al Alamain.